Croston -Show Meeting

Just a quick note for Croston school students that there is a meeting at 3:45pm Saturday regarding the show. This will take place at Trinity & St Michaels Primary School.

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Easter Break

As we have had quite a few new pupils who have only just been added to the School database (therefore will not have received the info below). I thought it would be a good idea to publish the post again.

Hi everyone, all holiday dates are already published on the website but thought it may be a good idea to remind everyone that the school will be closed on Easter Saturday (31st March) and the following midweek classes for both Chorley and Croston Schools. 

Classes will resume on Saturday 7th April. May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and Happy Easter!

Chorley pupils should all have received ‘show slips’ which should have been returned by 17th March — i don’t think this has been done by everyone — please note that we do need everyone’s reply please — even if it’s a ‘no we can’t do this’ answer, just so that we know how many ‘yes’s’ we need to include.

Thankyou and Best Wishes to you all.

Anita Murray

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Show Slips

Hi everyone,

You should all have received a show slip regarding ‘Hooked on Dance 2018’

It would be very helpful if you could complete these slips and return them along with the £20 deposit as soon as possible please.

I hope that after 50 years of teaching and producing our shows , this will be one not to forget in a hurry! Really looking forward to it!!

Anita Murray

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Croston classes 17th March 2018

Hi everyone

Just need to let you know that there will not be any classes at Trinity Methodist Primary School this Saturday (17th March) due to Royal Academy of Dance examinations taking place on that date. I would like to wish all candidates very good luck on the day. Your hard work (and your Teachers’) has all been done now — just go in and enjoy the experience!!

Thank you

Anita Murray

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Croston Ballet Exam Classes

Please note that extra Ballet exam lessons will now start on Monday 29th Jan. Primary, 4.00-4.40, grade 2, 4.40-5.20, grade 3, 5.20-6.00. Thank you

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Croston Ballet Fees

Happy New Year!

Just a quick reminder that Ballet fees are due by Saturday for Croston pupils taking their exams this spring.

The correct fee should be in a sealed envelope with the pupil name and date of birth clearly marked. You can check the fees on the RAD website here

Any cheques should be made payable to “Anita Murray School of Dancing”

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Exam Fees Reminder

Just a quick reminder that all exam fees for tap and modern must be received by Saturday 11 November – you/your child should know if they have been entered for the December exams. The fees are:

Grade 1 Tap – £33

Grade 2 Tap – £35

Grade 2 Modern – £35

Grade 3 Modern – £41

Grade 4 Modern – £43

Grade 6 Modern – £49

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Chorley – Extra Ballet Lessons

There will be extra lessons this Sunday 8th of October for Chorley Grade 1, 3 and 4 Ballet at Croston Community Centre, 1 Castle Walks, Croston, Leyland PR26 9RH. 
Grade 1 – 10.00-10.45
Grade 4 – 10.45-11.30

Grade 3 – 11.30-12.15

Lessons will be charged at £4.

Please make every effort to attend.

Thank you

Miss Rachel

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Chorley – Exam Fees Due

Anyone who wishes to do ballet exams this November/December please note that fees are due by 23 September. The fees for each grade  can be found here or in the email of 24 August “Chorley – Notice of Exams”. If you have any questions about your child’s grade please speak to their ballet teacher. 

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Chorley – New Timetables

Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. We return to dancing on Saturday 2nd September, below is the new timetable –

Miss Rachel x

Astley village community centre

9.15-9.55 – Pre Primary Ballet

10.00-10.40 – Primary Tap

10.40-11.20 -New Primary Ballet (children listed below)

11.20-12.00 – Original Primary Ballet (extra exam class wednesday night, please see below)

12.00-12.40 – Grade 1 Tap

12.40 -1.20 – Grade 1 Modern

1.20-2.00 – Grade 1 Ballet

2.00-2.40 – Grade 2 Modern

2.40-3.20 – Jazz

St Michael’s Dance Studio Saturday

9.30-10.10 – Inter F Ballet

10.10-10.50 – Grade 3 Ballet

10.50-11.50 – Senior Jazz

11.50-12.50 – grade 6 Modern extended class (£2.00 per lesson to be paid weekly)

12.50-1.30 – Inter Tap

1.30-2.10 – Inter F Ballet

St Michael’s Drama Studio Saturday

9.30-10.10 – Grade 5 Modern

10.10-10.50 -Grade 5 Tap

10.50-11.30 – Jazz

11.30 – 12.10 – Grade 2 Ballet

12.10 -12.50 – Inter Modern

12.50 – 1.30 – Grade 4 Modern (extra exam class Tuesday night, please see below)

1.30 – 2.10 – Jazz

St Michael’s Dance Studio Tuesday

5.10-5.50 – Grade 4 Ballet

5.50-6.30 – Grade 3 Modern

6.30-7.10 – Grade 5 Pointe (£3.00 per lesson paid weekly)

7.10-7.50 – Inter F Pointe (£3.00 per lesson paid weekly)

7.50-8.30 – Technique class, leaps, turns, kicks and tricks (new class, details below)

St Michael’s Drama Studio Tuesday

5.10-5.50 – Grade 2 Tap

5.50-6.20 – Grade 4 Tap

6.20-700 – Grade 4 Modern extra exam class (£4.00 per lesson, paid weekly)

St Michael’s Dance Studio Wednesday

5.00-5.40 – Grade 5 Ballet

5.40-6.20 – Grade 2 Tap

6.20-7.20 – Acro (new class for ages 6-10, details below)

St Michael’s Drama Studio

5.00-5.40 – Junior Musical Theatre

5.40-6.20 – Primary Ballet extra exam class (£4.00 per lesson, paid weekly)

St Michael’s Music Room

5.40-6.20 – Senior Musical Theatre

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