Hi Everyone.

Great show yesterday, well done! The audience loved it and were very appreciative, despite the fact that we still had a couple of technical problems with sound. Well done Joe for keeping going! (True Pro)!

There will not be any Chorley classes this Tuesday apart from 7.30 Jazz. Wednesday classes are as normal — Musical Theatre people – we need you all there please!!(Don’t let the side down by thinking you don’t need to come)! We break for the summer after these Wednesday classes. Croston classes have finished now until September — glad Coffee Day was spared the rain for you all!

There will probably be some pupils ‘upgraded’ when we return after the summer break and there may be some adjustments to the time table. Everyone will be notified of any changes well before the start back date.

Apparently, despite the amount of e-mails / info asking everyone to only access the building by the gym corridor on Sunday, some people did try and get in

through the hall whilst the Church service was still in progress. This resulted in a considerable amount of bad feeling and of course I was the one who was in the firing line! In future will these people try to comply with requests of this nature.

See you all at Friday’s show – the Mayor and Mayoress will be in the audience so let’s make sure it’s a good one!!


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