2013 examination sessions

The dates that I have requested for I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap exams and the grades that can be considered for entry are as follows


Sunday January 20th

Grade 5 Modern (Wednesday class), Grade 4 Modern Chorley, Grade 3 Tap (Dance with me tonight set). Mock exams will be held on Sunday January 13th.

Sunday 10th February

Grade 6 Modern Grade 3 Modern (I’m a believer set) Mock exams will be held on Sunday 27th Jan for Gd 3’s and either Sun Jan 13th or Sun Jan 27th for Grade 6 ( The set will be split into 2 groups).

Sunday February 24th

Grade 3 Tap Chorley (We love to boogie set). Grade 6 Tap (selected candidates) Mock exams will be held on Sunday 27th Jan

Sunday 17th March

Grade 2 Tap Croston, Grade 3 Tap Croston, Grade 4 Modern Croston (selected candidates) Grade 6 Tap (selected candidates). Intermediate Modern (selected girls). Grade 5 Modern Chorley Sat class (selected girls)

Mocks for all Croston children, Grade 5  and Inter Modern will be on Sunday 10th March.

Gd 6 Tap Mocks will be on Sunday Jan 27th (in 2 groups).

RAD Ballet exams will hopefully be on Sunday March 24th for Grade 4 and 5 Ballet (Chorley) Mocks will be on Sunday March 10th.

Exam class schedules will be published in the private pages asap

Please note that there is no guarantee that my request for these dates will be given but I am hoping that as my application for ISTD dates went in over 2 weeks ago we may be lucky! I will confirm as soon as possible. Exam fees as published for 2012 are as follows:- (Please note that these may rise slightly when new fees for 2013 are published)!

ISTD Modern and Tap

Gd 2 — £31 / Gd3 — £36 / Gd4 — £38 / Gd5 — £41 Gd6 — £44 / Intermediate — £65

RAD Ballet

Gd 4 —  £41 / Gd5 — £43  (Intermediate Foundation who should be entered around July time, please note that the fee for this exam is currently £78 – just so that you know now and can start saving up)! I realise this is an important time for a lot of these girls due to school / college exams and I will let you know the scheduled date range for the North West session as soon as they are published by the RAD.

If any pupils in the above grades do not wish to be entered for these examinations please let me know as soon as possible so that all my forward planning has not been in vain! Please note that if this is the case, pupils must still attend any scheduled exam classes in order to attain the standard required to move on into the next grade.



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