A letter from our dressmaker

Hi everyone,

The lady who is in charge of wardrobe for this year’s show, Michelle, has kindly put together a letter which should clarify procedure for payment, what to do if there is a problem etc. Please read and keep this for future reference. the telephone numbers for all members of the costume team are included in the letter.

Show Costumes

As you are probably aware, we have now started making the costumes for the show in July.

As not everyone has been involved in a show before, we thought it might be a good idea to clarify the procedure we will be following.

Your child will be sent home with an envelope showing the cost for each costume they need.

Prompt payment is greatly appreciated as we need the money to fund the purchase of the next batch of the materials, but should you receive several envelopes in quick succession please feel free to pay each one individually over several weeks.

Please place the money in the envelope and put it in the plastic box marked “Costume Money” that will be out at each lesson.

Once paid for, we will forward the costumes on to you as soon as they are completed.

Upon receiving the costumes, could you please try them on you child and if you have any concerns regarding the fitting, please see the dressmaker as soon as possible.

Would you please iron (where necessary) and hang up the costumes so they look nice and fresh for the show.

Please do not deduct your deposit money from the cost of any costumes as this will be repaid by Miss Anita at the dress rehearsal.

The dressmaker responsible for your child’s costume will be printed on the envelope and if you have any problems regarding a certain costume, would you please speak to them in the first instance.

We try really hard to keep the cost of each costume to a minimum, but as with everything at present the cost of materials is skyrocketing.  You will need to budget between ₤15 and ₤35 per costume.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


The Costume Team

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