Classes for Croston pupils during Easter Hol

Hello again,

In order to make up for missed lessons for the Croston pupils, I have managed to arrange to use St. John Ambulance Hall, Fleet St. Chorley on Thursday April11th. The time table will be as follows :-


Thurs 11th April


9.15 Pre P Ballet


9.55 PBallet


10.35 Gd2Modern


11.15 Grade 1 and 2 Ballet


11.55 Grade 1 and 2 Tap


12.35 Grade 3 Ballet


1.15 Saturday Jazz class


1.55 Grade 3 Tap


2.35 Grade 4 Modern


3.10 Grade 5 Modern


3.50 Thursday Jazz class


4.30 Grade 4 Tap


5.10 Grade 4 Ballet


5.50 Finish

These lessons make up for both Saturday 6th April and Thursday 11th April. We are aware that we will still have to make up for Saturday 23rd March (the ‘snow day’)!



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