Croston School – Notice of Exams 2017/18

Hi, hope you’ve all had a lovely summer, we are back in to dancing on 2nd September. 

We are considering pupils for exam sessions in December, February and March. 


Grade 1 Tap, Grade 6 Modern


Primary Tap, Grade 2 Modern, selected candidates from Grade 4 Modern.


Primary Ballet, Grade 2 Ballet, Grade 3 Ballet, Grade 5 Ballet and Inter Foundation Ballet

Exams are optional, but we do need to know the first week back if your child wishes to be entered for the December session. Fees will only need to be paid closer to the time.


Grade 1 Tap £33

Grade 6 Modern £49

Primary Tap – £32

Grade 2 Modern – £35

Grade 4 Modern – £43

Primary Ballet – £37

Grade 2 Ballet – £40

Grade 3 Ballet – £45

Grade 5 Ballet – £49

Inter Foundation Ballet – £77

Extra lessons will be on a Monday at Croston Community Centre. Extra lessons will start on Monday 11th September for December entries.

4.40-5.20 – Grade 6 Modern

5.20-6.00 – Grade 1 Tap

Anyone wishing to take the exam must attend extra lessons. These classes will be charged at £4.00 weekly. Extra lessons will start later for February and March exams.

All refunds for cancelled lessons have been sorted and will be available to pick up in your individual lessons.

Holiday list for the next academic year to follow.

Any queries please contact Miss Rachael on 07714 301329.

Look forward to seeing you all soon 

Miss Rachel x

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