Exam Fees!

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a lot of information sent out regarding 2013 exams. I have also been trying to establish from pupils whether they are definitely wanting to be considered for entry. Whilst there have been a few cialis people who have let me know that the exam sessions are not suitable for them this time (Thank you for that info). I am still unsure about a lot pupils as the children themselves do not seem to know for definite. I think the only way I can be certain about the amount of entries (essential in oder for me to complete entry forms) is to ask that ALL entry fees are paid by Saturday November 24th please. I had originally tried to ‘space’ the payments slightly but realise now that this wasn’t such a good idea! All the information required, ie dates of Mocks, Actual exams, Fees etc has already been published on the website. Please ensure fees are paid by cheque payable to Anita Murray, in a sealed envelope clearly marked with child’s name, age, d.o.b. and grade and discipline being paid for.

Many Thanks,

Anita Murray


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