exam information for 2013 sessions

Hi, and Happy New Year to you all. Classes are resuming on Saturday 5th January – we look forward yo seeing you all then

All Grade 4 Modern exam candidates from the Thursday Croston class should also be attending the 2.45pm Saturday class.

Tuesday classes re- starting at Chorley on Jan 8th will be just as they were before Christmas .

Wednesday classes re- starting from Jan 9th incorporating exam classes are as follows.

5.00 Pointe Work

5.00 Gd 2 Tap Croston exam class £3 (finish 5.40)

5.30 Gd 5 Modern Normal lesson

5.30 Musical Theatre Junior (Music Room)

5.45 V. Taylor P.L.

6.10 Grade 3 Ballet

6.10 Musical theatre Senior (Music Room)

6.50 Gd 6 Tap

6.50 Gd 4 Ballet exam class (Sat 10.10 class)

7.30 Gd 6 Tap exam class (this will be each

week — no alternating with 6 Modern from now).

7.30 Grade 5 Modern exam class (Sat 11.30 class)

8.10 Jazz      8.10 Adult Tap

Please note that exam time tables for 20th Jan, 10th Feb and 24th Feb  are now on display in studio. Mock exam times will be posted on website early next week.

Thank you


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