Mock exam dates and times for ISTD and RAD sessions Jan Feb March 2013

Mock exam dates and times / early 2013 sessions

Please see below the details of all Mock Exams for the forthcoming January, February and March examination sessions. All candidates must attend at the scheduled time in full exam uniform and with hair groomed accordingly. These Mocks will all be held at St. John Ambulance Hall Fleet St. Chorley as this is also the venue for all examinations proper. Fees are payable on the day – correct cash in a sealed envelope clearly marked with pupil’s name please. This enables efficient collection with no disturbance to actual Mock Exam time. Whilst it is the pupil’s choice as to whether or not their parents watch them in the Mock exam, I do like to encourage that they do so as it shows the progress made and standard achieved at the various levels. If parents do watch however, they must respect the children and keep any ‘noise’ to a minimum.

Sunday Jan 13th

10.30 Gd 3 Tap (Chorley, Dance with me tonight set)       Fee £5

11.30 Grade 5 Modern  (Wednesday 5.30 class)                Fee £5

12.30 Grade 4 Modern Chorley                                             Fee £5

1.30 Break

2.10 Grade 6 Modern (Harriet, Alex, Charlotte, Helena, Alicia, Georgia) Fee £6

{3.10 Coaching class for Grade 5 Modern (24th Feb and 14th March entries)  Fee £5

{It is essential that all candidates attend this class please – it is an ideal opportunity whilst we have the exam hall to {make good headway with things.

Sunday Jan 27th

10.00 Grade 3 tap Croston  lesson

10.45 Grade 3 tap Croston Mock    Fee £7

11.30  Grade 6 Modern (Tasha, Scarlett, Sophie, Katie Ann, Lucy, Eleanor McVey)  Fee £6

12.30  Grade 3 Modern Chorley  Fee £5

1.25 Break

2.00 Grade 3 Tap Chorley  Fee £5

3.00 Grade 6 Tap Everyone except Tasha, Alex, Megan and Adam  Fee £5

4.00 Grade 5 Modern ( Janie, Elizabeth, Micaela, Bethany). Fee £6

Sunday March 10th

10.00 Grade 4 Modern Croston  Fee £5

11.00 Grade 5 Modern (Sat 11.30 class) Fee £7

12.00 Grade 2 Tap Croston  Fee £5

12.45 Break

1.20 Grade 1 Tap Croston  Fee £5

2.00 Primary Tap Croston Fee £4

2.30 Grade 6 Tap (Tasha, Alex, Megan and Adam) Fee £6

3.15 Grade 4 RAD Ballet  Fee £5

4.15 Grade 5 RAD Ballet  Fee £5  N.B. I am still waiting for confirmation of exam date but will let everyone know as soon as I get it.

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