September start back info!

Hi everyone,

I hope that you have all had a good summer break and that the children are ready for our start back date of Saturday September 1st.

I have been busy getting organised and the time table for the new Autumn term will be posted on the website very soon – watch out for it please as it does have the inevitable ‘start of new term’ tweaks.

There are some children at the Chorley school who have been moved up to the next grade in certain disciplines (I will be speaking to Miss Rachael today re this situation with the Croston children and will let you know asap)

Chorley ‘upgrades’ are as follows


Pre- Primary up to Primary – Parents will be notified individually

Primary (Thumbelina set) move to Grade 1

Grade 1(Whole new world set) move to Grade 2

Grade 2 ( At last I see the light set) move to Grade 3 (This set will also move to Grade 3 Modern)

There are still some people who have not yet set up standing order payments  (these were introduced in May at Croston and June at Chorley) NOR have they let me know that they wish to pay monthly by cheque / cash. Invoices are no longer issued as the same payment is due on the same day each month. Consequently for these people arrears are building up

Those of you who have let me know that you have opted out of standing order method, please remember that invoices are no longer issued and that fees become due on the 16th of each month at Chorley and 26th of each month at Croston.

I would be grateful if those of you who fall into either of the above ‘categories’ could bring payments up to date as soon as possible please.

The show DVD’s have arrived – these will be issued when we start back to those of you who ordered copies.

It’s GCSE Result day today – I hope all our senior entrants did well!!!!

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