Some answers to queries!

Hello everyone, just a couple of items that seem to be causing a little confusion. The run through at St. Michael’s, Chorley on Saturday 23rd June over-rides the original call for the Oliver sequence at 2.50pm Ambulance Hall, this is because I only actually got the ‘go-ahead’ from St. Michael’s after the arrangements were made for the Ambulance Hall. To clarify, EVERYONE should be at St. Michael’s at 2pm Sat.23rd – there are no rehearsals at the Ambulance Hall. As is usual on these occasions, all 6 members of staff will be working and we will be practising whatever, whenever, and wherever we can!

Costume list – Ballet numbers – Pink

leather with elastics for

Whole New World, At last I see the light, When will my life begin, Thank Heaven, Thumbelina,

Pink Satin ballet shoes with elastics for

Pirates of the Caribbean,  Ballet suite – The Bolt (Blue tu-tu)

Pink Satin ballet shoes with ribbons for

Ballet suite – Spring Waltz (Black and White Tutu)

Sleeoing Beauty Waltz

Black leather ballet with elastics for Harry Potter.

Completed Standing order forms should be forwarded to your own bank please, not to me.

If you are opting out of this payment method and wish to pay monthly by cheque or cash please let me know to avoid confusion.

A message from Michael

‘I will not be able to attend the dress rehearsal on Sunday June 24th but before anyone gets too happy, can I ask you please to pay for Saturday and Sunday on Saturday 23rd when I will be at the Ambulance Hall in the morning and St. Michael’s in the afternoon. Can I also ask anyone with outstanding payments to settle these as soon as possible as it will make things a lot easier if we are up to date before the show. Loose cash accepted in person but it is far better if money is paid (correct cash in an envelope marked with performer’s name and what the payment is for.’

Thank you

(Contrary to popular belief, Michael is not my husband. He is a good friend and the Father of 2 of my first pupils from 1969 who way back then started to help with record keeping / registers etc. and has continued to do so ever since). Both his daughters have made very successful careers in dance and Michael has always maintained an interest in the school).

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