Rehearsals 2nd July

Hello everyone,

Please see the schedule below that has been worked out for Saturday 2nd July to make the best use of both studio and stage time in preparation for the forthcoming show. Please note carefully and ensure your child / children attend where required.

There will not be any classes at St. John Ambulance Hall on this date, and we have tried our utmost to group numbers featuring the same children together.




9.30 I can sing a Rainbow Pre P Ballet
10.00 Madagascar P Tap 10.00 That’s how we do Gd 1 Tap
10:00 Fly me to your heart P Ballet 10.00 Did I mention Gd 2 Tap
10.30 Malificent Grade 1 Ballet 10.30 Delight Senior Tap
8:30 A dream is a wish your heart makes New Gd 1 Ballet 10:30 Dance Like Fall Inter F Ballet
10:30 Drag me Down Gd 1 Modern / Jazz
10:30 That’s how we do Gd 1 Tap
11.00 Dark Green Dreams Inter F Ballet
11.15 Did I mention Gd 2 Tap
11:15 Gypsy Camp Gd 3 Ballet
11:15 Gotta be me Gd 3 Modern
11.30 Finish
14.30 Shrek
15:30 Finish
11.45 Pas de Fleur Gd 4 Ballet
11:45 This girl is Mine Pre Junior Jazz
11:45 Set it off Gd 4 Modern
11:45 Better when I’m Dancing Gd 3 Tap
12.30 I don’t dance Gd 4 Modern
12:30 Spanish Ballet Gd 5 Ballet
12:30 Black and Gold Fast Track Tap
12:30 Sweet Lovin’ Junior Jazz
13.15 Sax Grade6 Tap
13:15 Get Stupid Grade 6 Modern
13:15 Edward Scissor Hands Inter F Ballet
13:15 I know what you did last summer InterJazz
14:00 Parachute Inter Modern
14:00 Bad Habit Grade 6 Tap
14:30 Dark Green Dreams Inter F Ballet
14:30 Dance Like Fall Inter F Ballet
14:30 Confident Inter Jazz
14:30 Slow Down Inter Modern
15:00 Dead Silence Seniors
15:00 Get Ugly Seniors
15:00 Delight Seniors
15:00 Comptine d’un autre etre Seniors
15:00 Opening number Seniors
15:45 Shrek
17:00 FINISH (no later)!
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